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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need shutters if we install impact windows and doors?

No. Impact windows and doors are subjected to rigorous laboratory testing that simulates the flying objects, wind pressures and excessive rain that is prevalent during a hurricane and if completed successfully, these products will eliminate the need for any additional hurricane shutter or protection systems.

Can impact windows save me money on electric bills?
Yes. If the right products are chosen and installed, not only will they provide protection from the dangers associated with hurricanes and break-ins, but will protect your home from the solar heat rays that are prevalent in the Florida climate and will keep the heat out and allow your ac system to work less thus reducing your electric bills.
What is Low E glass and is it important for our Florida home?
Low E glass is a product that is design to control the extreme temperatures from penetrating your windows making your home less comfortable and putting more strain on your air conditioning unit which in turn means higher electric bills. The most effective Low E glass is what is commonly referred to as a soft coat Low E and performs the best in the Florida climate and is a welcome and effective improvement to your home.
Will installing impact windows and doors reduce our insurance premiums?
Most Likely. Most insurance companies will recognize impact windows and doors as hurricane protection systems and will offer significant reductions in your insurance premiums.
Are there really significant differences in products?
Yes. There are so many differences in products being offered. They are not all the same. Especially when dealing with impact rated products, there are so many different levels of hurricane protection offered, and features and benefits, and the wrong products will leave you unable to open and close the windows and doors.
Do impact windows and doors provide protection from break-ins?
Yes. If windows and doors are locked and closed properly, the new products contain a laminated entry resistant glass product that can take numerous hits and still remain intact and prevent intruders from entering making your home safer.
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