Replacement Energy Efficient Windows in Marco Island

Did you know that that average high temperatures for the state of Florida in the summer are in the low 90s? Do you know how much solar heat these temperatures create? Do you know how these affect your energy bills? Do you realize how much this affects the comfort level in your home?

Most homes in Florida have insulation in the walls, ceiling and attics but the windows and doors have been grossly neglected. Do you think your home is any different?

The windows and doors in your home and the single pane inefficient glass they contain are a gaping hole in the perimeter of your home allowing solar heat rays to make your air conditioning unit work overtime and raise the amount of money you pay to the electric company every month. This is not only taxing on your checkbook but due to the how much harder your air conditioning unit
must work to cool your home, shortens the life span of the unit.

Replacement Energy Efficient Windows will prevent this from happening.

Do you realize that over the next ten years you will be paying for new replacement energy efficient windows whether you actually have them installed or not?

You have 2 choices. Choice number 1 is to keep doing what you’re doing and leave your old inefficient windows alone and keep paying extra money to the electric company or Choice number 2, spend the money that would of went to the electric company and replace your old outdated, inefficient windows with energy efficient replacement windows which will significantly reduce your energy costs.

If you’re going to spend the money anyway you might as well install new energy efficient replacement windows and increase your property value, make your home look nicer, prolong the life of your air conditioning system, reduce outside noise and make your home a much more comfortable place to be.

No brainer, isn’t it? We think so also.

Call us Today at (239)936-2900 to learn more about how easy we can make this for you and how friendly and helpful our team is and start enjoying the money you are already wasting.

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Customer Reviews

We could go on about how great it is to choose Affordable Window Systems as your window and door company, but our word only means so much. Take a look at what our past customers have to say about their experiences with us:

Pleased with Affordable Windows

“We were very pleased with Affordable Windows. The salesman were very thorough and accurate with their measurements. The installers arrived on time and took out the old windows with care; evern covering our floors and furniture. They were also careful not to damage our plantation shutters and vertical blinds. All of the windows were installed and cleaned by mid afternoon just before the rain started!”

Irene D.

Top Notch Quality

“The quality of the products are top notch, you can tell the difference between the cheaper windows and the ones Affordable Window Systems sell. The office staff are very professional, friendly and accommodating. The installation team was professional and punctual. I love that they covered my surrounding furniture and cleaned up after themselves. My inspection was scheduled soon after my installation. I am so pleased with the entire process and the products. I'd definitely recommend Affordable Window Systems to anyone looking to purchase windows, doors and sliding glass doors. You wont regret it!”

Farah S.

Installers Arrived on Time

“The installers arrived on time. They were professional and friendly. They covered all my furniture to prevent dust. Quite frankly my house was cleaner when they left than it was when they arrived. They cleaned all the new windows (except for the sticker that has to be left on until the final inspection) and showed me how to operate them. They even offered to haul away the hurricane shutters that we no longer need. I can’t believe how much quieter the it is with the new windows. I was extremely impressed with Affordable Window Systems all around.”

Toni B.
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